Arista can be directly translated to mean 'Best Harvest' so we make sure we live up to our name by baking locally and using the best ingredients.

The perfect sized bakery, we are small enough to care but big enough to handle most orders.

This, along with our experience, is the recipe for products that taste better, look delicious and are all around fresher.

At Arista, we make sure that everything from the ingredients right through to our service is of the highest quality. That's why our products work for you.

  • Catering Loaves
  • Speciality Breads
  • Bagels, Paninis, Knots & Rolls
  • Ciabatta, Turkish & Foccacia
  • Everything made to order

(03) 455-4995

(03) 455-1920

315 King Edward St, Dunedin

Contact us for all enquiries or to request a product list. Orders can be placed via FAX, phone, email or standing order. We look forward to hearing from you.